Governors Conference: Reinforcing Synergy between the Administrative, Security  and Population

The first biannual conference of Regional Governors holding Yaounde from August 8 to 9, 2022 has ended with a call for greater collaboration with the population.

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji who presided over the session prescribed greater collaboration between Administrative authorities and defense and security forces to track down terrorists and other criminals.

The session evaluated the security situation in each Region of country. They also examined the rise in the price of basic necessities, the proliferation and consumption of drugs in schools, the sale of illicit drugs and the security situation in regions in crisis, especially in this period of preparations for the start of the school year.

Minister Paul Atanga Nji highlighted government role in protecting the population.

He said, we have directives from the Head of State. We have to deal with the phenomenon of highway robbery and the ensure the social welfare of the population.

In the next one month, we have school resumption, so we had an total evaluation of all the challenges.

The Governors are going back with a roadmap. With it they know exactly what to do in their different regions.

The most important thing is that we reinforce the state of law, protect people and property and also bring people to work together in synergy  with the local Administrative authorities and the forces of law and order to achieve one main objective which is peace unity and progress.

Statistics on Security Situation

In his closing speech, the Minister of Territorial Administration noted that over the past six months, we have recorded:

– 86 terrorist attacks in the Far North;

– 119 civilians killed by secessionists in the South West and North West;

– 3583 cases of traffic accidents nationwide;

– 4.3% of the inflation rate.

Recommendations of Governors Conference

At the close  of the conference, recommendations included – increase vigilance on the eve of the start of the school year;

– strengthen collaboration between defense and security forces and civilian populations for greater efficiency;

– involve parents’ associations in the fight against drug use in schools;

– increase the number of staff in the regional services of the General  Delegation for National Security;

– further promote products made in Cameroon;

– increase promotional sales campaigns for foodstuffs

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