Holiday Activities Youths Embark On to Chase Idleness

This holiday season has been a pretty busy one for many youths who engaged themselves in different activities. While some took on academic and vocational activities, others were involved in entertainment and income-generating activities.


The first activity which could be spotted during this holiday period is hawking. Youths of all ages, boys and girls alike, could be seen along the streets, in markets and around traffic light with commercial products.

They commonly carry a tray of sweets, biscuits, groundnuts, roasted plantains and plums, or handkerchiefs, T-shirts, and many other items.

Most of these children, carry out this activity to help their parents save more money.

However, these children are exposed to the dangers of the society as many cases of rape, kidnappings and road accidents, have been reported.

These dangers justify why male youths are more visible in the hawking sector.

Vocational Training for Youths

Many youths have decided to use the holiday period to learn a trade.

Car repairs, hairdressing, catering services, carpentry and secretarial duties, among others are activities they engage in.

These trainings are also offered at youths camps. At youth camps, youths are grouped together in a precise venue and professionals in different fields are invited to teach them.

Some of these trainings are paid for. Certificates and other awards are usually given to the candidates at the end of the training period.

Employment could also be offered at the end os such training. Many young people were lucky to be employed at the end of l their training.

Holiday Classes

Other youths use the holidays to prepare for the upcoming academic year. Most children in examination classes prefer to go for holiday classes.

Students who wish to catch up in some subjects where they did not perform well during the school year also opt for holiday classes.

Furthermore, some parents also choose this activity to keep their children away from the ills of idleness.

Holiday classes often run for a period of two to three months from morning till about midday.

Such programming permits the youth to be involved in other activities like helping their parents at business venue or at home or to engage in sport activities.

Students are evaluated at the end of the classes and given report cards.

It should be noted that thanks to holiday classes, the children are to a lesser extent, exposed to the dangers of the society.

Their security should however, always be on check as they could be abused either on their way to school or back from school.

Internship Programmes for Youths

Older youths use the holiday to carry out either professional or academic internships.

In most offices, young interns are seen carrying out daily duties under the watchful eyes of supervisors.

The interns usually focus on fields close to what they study at school. Thia gives them exposure to the realities of the job market.

At the end of the internship, they are evaluated based on the tasks they carried out.

Sports Activities

Both boys and girls of all ages engage in sports activities during the holidays. They follow their passion and register in sport centres.

In many sport centres, youths register to play lawn tennis, basketball, handball, dancing, judo and swimming, amongst others.

Competitions and tournaments are always organised where these children compete among themselves.

Awards, trophies, medals and even acholarships are usually given to those outstanding performances during these tournaments.

Also, many club owners use this opportunity to select good athletes in various domains for their clubs.

Tourism, Vacations and Visits

During this holiday, many parents sent their children to visit other towns or family members.

Some are sent to their villages to spend some time and learn their customs and traditions. This helps young people understand their roots and get and spend time with their grand parents.

Others visit places for tourism. In Cameroon, Kribi, Buea and Limbe are among the most visited towns during holidays. The beaches, mountains and parks are major attractions to many.

Unskilled Activities

In view of preparing for the next school year, many youths carry out income-generating activities which require little or no skill.

Shoe mending, Car washing and luggage transportation are popular activities young boys engage themselves in during the holidays.

In rare cases, however, young girls have been spotted in car wash points, washing vehicles.

Young boys carrying boxes that contain tools could also be found along the streets. They use these tools to offer services like shoe mending, technical assistance or even plumbing services.

The money they are paid enables them prepare for the upcoming school year.

Youths and Agricultural Activities

In rural areas, youths take up agricultural activities during the holidays. They help their parents in the farms or even take their own piece of land to cultivate cash crops.

While others who had cultivated during the planting season harvest their produce to sell, others plant in view of the coming rainy season.

Parents with cocoa farms call their children to havest the product and dry for them.

Most parents programme cocoa harvesting and drying for the holiday periods when their children are available to assist them.

Religious Activities

Cathecumen classes and religious camps are usually organised for youths on holiday.

Cathecumen classes are more popular during the holidays periods since those to be baptised or confirmed are more available.

Also, some Churches organise religious camps where children are given lessons on Christianity. These camps offer lessons on proper conduct as children and developing a Christ-like attitude.

Leisure and Family Time

In many homes, daughters create a stronger bond with their mothers during the holidays as they are always present in the kitchen to help their mothers. They learn cooking skills and how to take care of the family.

Meanwhile, some parents just give their children the opportunity to rest at home. They perform light duties, entertain themselves and spend time with their friends and family members who visit.

Most youths also go to leisure grounds where they have fun. Restaurants and cinema halls are usually crowded with parents and their children during the holidays.

All these activities, impact the youth positively and keep them away from idleness.

Bancho Pamen (Intern)

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