How Tenants Classify Landlords in Cameroon

Kind, comprehensive or wicked are some of the adjectives Cameroonian tenants use to talk about their past and present Landlords.

Fake Landlords

Tenants say these are Landlords who are not the real owner of the house or the rooms. The real owner might be one of their family members who is not in the country or one who is too busy to manage.

The Landlord who Knows Everything

They are generally retired workers, so they usually have nothing to do. Such Landlords know everything concerning everyone in the neighbourhood. They are always seated in the compound and they can see everything in the neighbourhood.

The Invisible Landlord

This is the type of Landlord whose identity is unknown. He / She never presents himself / herself to the tenants and is never the one to collect the rents. The person avoids all familiarity with the tenants and prefers to send a constable or lawyer. When the deadlines are passed, he / she sends a warning.

The Strict Landlords

With such Landlords, rents are generally paid by the 30th of the month and they stick to it. Though, there are some who find ways to pay on the 5th of the next month. When these dates are passed, such Landlords send a message, then call to make sure that the message has been received. If the money is not still paid, he / she comes to your house to ask for the money.

The Agitated Landlord

He is never happy and even if he is happy, you will never know. He is so imposing to an extent that he does not need to call to get his money.

The Kind and Relaxed Landlords

They are usually comprehensive and relaxed. The tenants see in them a parental figure. They have confidence in their tenants and let them pay whenever they can.

The Demanding Landlord

This kind of Landlors gives many conditions to respect or if not, you leave . For example you do not have to prepare a particular meal because he does not like it or does not like odours.

The Landlord who likes Food

He has a family member just near his house so his plate of food is assured. He knows who cooks what in the quarter.

The Calm Landlord

This is the type of Landlord who is very calm when he talks and never calls to get his money. He is patient and when your accumulated rent is a lot, he reminds you and if it is not paid, he throws you out.

The Wicked Landlord

He is loved by nobody. He puts an eye on what everybody does and talks about it. Such a Landlord does not accept excuses. He wants his money on time or else he throws you out immediately.

Houna Mohamadou Habib (Intern)

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