OneImpact: The App That Empowers Communities to End TB

A new digital platform known as OneImpact on Tuberculosis Care has been set up by the Cameroon National Tuberculosis Control Programme.

The app was presented in Yaoundé on Tuesday 2nd August 2022.

OneImpact provides information about TB and TB prevention, rights of TB patients, location of centres offering TB services, and notifications on TB updates. It also has a chat forum for people affected by TB to exchange on their daily challenges.

People affected by TB can also report challenges with accessing TB care and support services, TB stigma, and human rights violations via the app.

Beyond its functionality, the app carries a special caution which says “ We are not making any medical recommendations. If you have any medical concerns, please consult a doctor before making any medical decisions”.

It is a Health and Fitness App for persons aged 12 and above. Users can use either English or French on the app.

OneImpact can be downloaded on Playstore and AppStore.

Six modules 

OneImpact contains six modules. They include ;

Module 1 : A module that orients users on the rights of people affected by TB and the obligations and responsibilities of State and Non-State Actors.

Module 2 : A module on all users need to know about TB from TB medical experts and people affected by TB.

Module 3 : A TB service locator Module that helps users access nearby TB health services, information about the services and you can also rate the services.

Module 4 : A module that connects users with other people with TB, peer support groups and national, regional and global networks.

Module 5 : A module that allows users to report the barriers that are interfering with their ability to access quality TB diagnosis, treatment, care and support services.

Module 6 : A module that allows users to take a survey.

Response teams are available to address, and overcome TB challenges presented through the app at local levels.

Health experts are hopeful that the app will  improve TB management in Cameroon. The ultimate goal is to empower communities to actively take part in the drive to end TB.

Dure Technologies Pvt SA is the provider of Oneimpact.


Kathy Neba Sina 

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