Sports: National Sports Facilities and Equipment Board Set Up

A National Sports Facility and Equipments board has been created following a Presidential decree this Wednesday August 17.

The presidential decree lays down the establishment, organisation and functioning of the National Sports Facilities and Equipment Board.

The announcement comes at a time when Cameroon prides of many sporting infrastructure following the organisation of multiple international events and still looking forward to host more sports jamboree.

The maintenance and upkeep of such architecture has been the worry of many a Cameroonian which has been given Presidential attention.

The Mission of the Board

Article four of the Presidential decree details the objectives of the creation of the board.

The mission of the Board shall be to use its expertise to ensure the upkeep, repair, operation, safety, development and sustainability of sports facilities and equipment, as well as specific related facilities built or developed by the State

In this regard, it shall in particular be responsible for: preparing an integrated management plan for sports facilities and equipment and their annexes;

Preparing and implementing a strategy and management or operating mechanisms to control the costs inherent in the upkeep and maintenance of the sports facilities and equipment under its responsibility.

The creation, preservation and updating of a physical and digital database of studies, plans and technical drawings used for the construction of facilities and equipment, as well as as-built plans.

Developing the skills of technical, managerial and executive staff of the Board in particular with regard to sport facilities management and maintenance.

Technological monitoring and sports facilities management and maintenance technology transfer through technical assistance in the various trades, where necessary.

The administrative, financial and technical management of sports facilities and equipment and equipment ensuring the maintenance in good working order and the safety of sports facilities and equipment.

Ensuring the routine upkeep and maintenance of sports facilities and equipment, carrying out rehabilitation and renovation work on sports facilities and equipment, acquiring, where necessary, new equipment and materials dedicated to facilities and their modernization and proposing specific infrastructure development and promotion services amongst others.

The decree further prescribes the specific role of the different specialized structures under the board.

The board is placed under the supervisory authority of the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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