Affordability and Accessibility of Insurance Policies to Clients

In Cameroon, both public and private workers are liable to health and life insurance with varying costs.

Insurance companies help sustain the health or retirement planning of clients.

The response of an insurance company to a client’s situation depends on the contract signed with the company.

Health and life insurance are treated differently and have different benefits.

Insurance companies work either with the individuals or with institutions. A person can register into an insurance company privately or get registered under his institution.

A person becomes insured after signing a certificate of insurance (COI). This certificate contains details of the insurance policy agreed by both parties and the amount of money delivered to the insurance company.

Controversies abound about the accessibility of insurance benefits when need be. In thia regard, different there are various stages entailed towards accessing insurance benefits.

In most cases, the amount paid by a cleint to the insurance company is done per month or annually. Some companies compel their customers to pay in the insurance money at once and not in halves.

There are no fixed amounts levied on clients to get insured. The process entails an agreement between both parties.

For clients registered under an institution, the cost of their insurance is felt on the percentage cut from their salaries.

In the case of individual registration, the cleint agrees on an amount that is cut from his salary, or a total amount that will be given to the insurance company.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is an important and advantageous deal to minimise expenditures in times of illness.

It should be noted that, the insurance company does not cover the entire hospital bill. They have a certain percentage to incure for your expenses. Usually the percentage goes up to 80%.

Many clients complain about the amount of time taken by insurance companies to treat cases.

This has cost most customers to spend money they did not plan on spending. For instance, medical issues that need urgent intervention will not wait for the insurance company to do all the paperwork before treatment begins. Such setbacks have made the affordable nature of insurance become controversial.

Insurance companies also have health cases which they do not take care of. These include: inherited diseases, HIV, headaches or lenear problems.

Life insurance

Life insurance comprises of retirement benefits, death planning, education of children, loss of job and savings.

The amount of influence the insurance company has on any of these situations is determined by the amount of money the client puts into his/her insurance account.

Life insurances assure the coverage of all expenditures during given situations. This insurance differs from other insurances in that they do not cover a certain percentage. They take charge of all the expenses depending on the amount of money set into the insurance policy for that purpose.

Insurance companies require up-to-date justifications of the claim for them to react. In most cases, they do not react when submitted claims cannot be justified with legal or credible documentations.

Clients’ Opinions

How much does your insurance cost?

“I don’t feel the cost of my insurance that much. It is cut from my salary and I am able to plan expenditures on what I receive monthly,” explains Emma Awah.

Have you ever needed assistance from your insurance company ? How did it go through?

“For over one week I tried to get my insurance company to cover the hospital bills of my daughter. She had to give birth trough operation and the bills where high on me so I decided to get back to my insurance company,” indicates Majoire Ngelle.

“It was difficult for me because of the time they took to get back to me. I had no other choice than to bring my daughter to a hospital where they are affiliated to. The problem I faced was the time contraint. I was asked in the hospital to deposit a particular amount before the operation but I never had it. The insurance company look long so I had to borrow money. I feel that I can’t count on my insurance company because I almost lost my daughter,” he adds.

Do you find your insurance company beneficial?

“Our family has always been covered by an insurance company. I think it is advantageous to us because if something happens to me now, the fees and life of my children are assured. Also, I make huge profits from my insurance accounts. This is because, for over 15 years, my wife and I have been saving for our kids. After ten years, I collected the first benefit of my insurance money” highlights Romy Tatchue.

Bancho Pamen (Intern)

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