Urology : Experts Discuss Scientific Innovations in First Congress

Urologists in Cameroon and other parts of the world converged on Yaounde this September 21, 2022, for the first International Congress of the Association of Cameroonian Urologists.

Discussions revolved around the theme: “State-of-the-art of Urology in Cameroon in the Era of Technological Innovation”.

Urologists at the first congress

As a prelude to the conference, the urologists performed free surgeries on over a dozen people suffering from prostate problems and obstetric fistula at the Yaounde Central Hospitals.

Participants at the congress come from Cameroon, Europe, Asia and America.

Why Organize the Congress?

This first congress of the Association of Cameroonian Urologists is a platform for knowledge-sharing especially advances recorded in urology in recent years.

After listening to a few presentations, Dr. Mekeme Mekeme Junior, a urologist expressed optimism.

“We are quite close to what Urologists in other countries are doing, and we are seeking to improve our health care,” he said.

Among the key issues discussed by the experts are; Urological cancer, Urolithiasis, Laparoscopic and Endoscopic surgery in Urology, and reconstructive Urology with focus on Obstetric Fistula.

During the two-day congress expected to end on Thursday, September 22, results of clinical and public health research in Urology will be presented.

Prof. Fru Angwafo III Fobuzshi, President of the Cameroon Association of Urologists sees in the congress, “an opportunity to look at cooperation and collaboration in all aspects of urology and research”.

The congress is however not open exclusively to urologists. Nurses especially those who work in theatres with urologists are also conspicuously present.

“I am neither a surgeon nor a urologist, but we work in the theatre with the surgeons,” said Dr. Lele Bomgni Samuel, Nurse (PHD in Nursing).
“Surgeons don’t work alone, they work in collaboration with other health experts. The job involves a team work, including the nurse.

Being here will increase our aptitude in following up patients before, during and after surgery,” he said.

The Society of Cameroonian Urologists

The Association of Cameroonian Urologists has been in existence since 2008.

For over a decade now, the association has been focused on training urologists.

“Over a dozen urologists have been trained and six are currently undergoing training,” according to Prof. Fru Angwafo III Fobuzshi.

“Most of our work has been care delivery and feeding public policy as far as neurological diseases are concerned,” he said.

The health association is made up of 62 members – 32 of them practicing in Cameroon while others working in Europe, Asia and America. Some of the Urologists coming from abroad have outreach activities in Cameroon, clinics and work in and out of the country.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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