Cameroon: The “Big 3” Challenge taking over Social Media

Cameroonians have gone viral on social media platforms posting pictures of vegetable oil, domestic gas and ID cards in what is now referred to as the “Big 3” Challenge.

This is caused by the soaring prices and scarcity of oil and gas in the market and procedural delays in the process of issuing ID cards in the country.

The rules of the challenge demand that participants snap a picture(s) holding a gas bottle, a litre(s) of oil and an identity card.


This challenge cuts across social media platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The challenge is indicative of the high cost of living in the country which has grown to an extent that owning a litre of vegetable oil, a bottle of domestic gas and a national identity card is considered a luxury.

Genesis of “Big 3” Challenge

The persistent increase in the price of vegetable oil in Cameroonian markets is disturbing to households.

In 2021, a litre of vegetable oil was usually sold at around 1100 / 1200 FCFA. The price has however moved to at least 1500 CFAF and more.

For more than two weeks, Cameroonians living in the cities of Yaounde, Douala, Bafoussam and Buea, amongst other towns have been hit by the scarcity of cooking gas. It is difficult to find gas in commercial areas.
This scarcity has led to some people selling a 12.5 kg of gas which normally costs 6,500FCFA at 10,000FCFA to desperate people.

The issuing of National Identity Cards has also remained a problem in Cameroon.

Some Cameroonians spend two, three, or more years without being able to possess this obligatory document that every Cameroonian citizen must possess.

This has led many Cameroonians into numerous problems ranging from blocked bank transactions, difficulties in travelling, blocked administrative files and unexpected arrests, just to name a few.

Merging the 3 situations (oil, gas and ID), some Cameroonian comedians and artists took to social media platforms to award the the person with a photo with the highest likes and comments.

Will this challenge change the present situation in the country?

Ngoran Rebecca (Intern)

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