Damas Landslide: The Aftermath

Heaps of mud and a wreath are what is left of the area where a landslide occured in the Damas Neighbourhood of Yaounde on Sunday, November 27, 2022.

The landslide, which cost the lives of 15 people occurred at about 4:30pm that Sunday, November 27, 2022.

Just above the site is a school which people in the neighbourhood say has been closed since Sunday’s incident.

What Really Happened in Damas?

“I just saw the land split and coming down. It happened so fast,” explains an eyewitness, Jean Calvin.

The elderly man explains that they were celebrating the life of five members of their meeting who had died.

Jean Calvin goes on to say that people were seated in three tents.

As speeches were being made, he suddenly saw the land splitting and mud coming down, covering a tent, its occupants and some persons around.

His wife was amongst those who survived the disaster.

Jean Calvin says his wife is at the hospital and has already undergone an operation.

Michel on his part, is hesitant about talking today. He is still to recover from the shock of losing his mother and friends. He came out with an injured foot.

Just beside Michel’s house is Mr and Mrs Tchaoutchoua’s residence where relatives have gathered to mourn the couple. Emmanuel and Brigitte Tchaoutchoua did not survive the unfortunate landslide.

“Many people around here lost someone in this landslide,” laments a lady who lost a relative.

She adds that the meeting was given a space to host their event just beside the accident site but they placed their tents on the spot where the landslide occured.

Survivors at Hospitals across Yaounde

Those who suffered injuries following the landslide in Damas were rushed to various hospitals in the nation’s capital, Yaounde.

At the Efoulan District Hospital, at the time of the report, no cases of injured persons. Just a case of trauma following the loss of relatives but the person was observed and discharged, officials said.

At the Yaounde Central Hospital, the Director was not available to comment on the injured but it is the hope of many that they are responding to treatment.

Mayor of Yaounde III Comments on Damas Incident

The Mayor of the Yaounde III Council, Lucas Owona explains that the people from the Nde Division of the West Region requested for a space to organise their event and he offered them one.

However, he only realised that they had used a different place after the landslide occured. “The reasons for the change are unknown to me,” continues the Mayor.

Today, November 29, 2022, many still visit the accident site in total disarray as they sadly look at the isolated field which swallowed over a dozen people last Sunday.

Government’s Sympathy

Following the incident, the President of the Republic dispatched the Minister of Territorial Administration to the sight for prompt response.

President Paul Biya also extended condolences to the families of those who died in the incident and speedy recovery to those in hospital.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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