Journalists, Volunteers Equipped To Champion  Fight Against Marine Debris

20 journalists and 400 community volunteers have been been trained on how to activate community awareness on the use and discharge of plastics and the dangers it posses to the environment and humans.

This was during a workshop organised in Limbe, South West region from November 11 -12,

Tones of debris was cleared after trainees and students  carried out a clean up exercise at the Limbe Down Beach area initiated by the Association for Community Awareness, ASCAO.

“When the waste is collected, the plastic bottles which constitute the highest waste along the coastline are handed out to sister organisations for recycling,” the Chief Executive Officer of ASCOA, Linus Anyangwoh Embe, said.

He added that the not-for-profit organisation has been able to clear more than 900,000 tons of plastics along these coastlines.

The association started this Initiative to sort and document waste and have a true picture of what is on ground in abid to reinforce legislation, on the fight and management of plastic waste,” he added.

During the training, it was revealed that more 5.25 trillion pieces  of plastic debris are in the ocean with 269 thousand tons floating on the surface and this poses a serious threat to aquatic biodiversity.

The session seeks to get Committees involved in the fight against marine debris and plastic pollution along the Limbe/Idenau Coastline of the Atlantic Ocean through clean up campaigns along the beaches.

They have encouraged the collect and recycling of plastics as part of their corporate social responsibility of companies producing plastic to minimise pollution.

Journalists during  the session upgraded their skills on reporting on marine debris and plastic pollution which is said to be  underreported in Cameroon.

The organisation also lauded the support of the South West Regional Delegation of Environment and Sustainable Development as well as Local Councils and other psrtners for bringing about sustainable solutions to management of marine waste.

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