Parliament: MPs Seek Meaningful Solutions to Cameroon’s Corruption Fight

Legislations that provide adequate and precise sanctions against persons who engage in corruption are being examined by members of the parliamentary network against corruption.

The proposals are being made at a workshop at the National Assembly to reinforce the fight against corruption in Cameroon.

Anti corruption fight in Cameroon

The workshop is coming barely a weeks after the National Anti-Corruption Commission, CONAC published a rather worrying report on the phenomenon in the country.

The report shows that the State of Cameroon lost 43.947 billion CFAF to corruption and related offenses.

This represents an increase of 26.336 billion CFAF in absolute value compared to the year 2020, when the loss was established at 17.611 billion FCFA, and 149.54% in relative value.

The President of the Parliamentary Network Against Corruption, Hon. Essomba Bengono said members are sitting this Monday November 21, 2022 to propose legislative solutions to the alarming phenomenon.

They are deliberating on possibilities on simplifying regulations and administrative procedures among others.
The law makers open intend to limit the possibilities to exact or receive bribes and also see how to resolutely fight organised crime which plays a role as the main vehicle for corruption.

Hon. Essomba Bengono says the network will be working with legal and legislative documents to help them tailor their fight against corruption.

The network dedicated to the fight against corruption created since 2017 has been engaged in the promotion of good governance in the country.

Members of parliament have termed corruption a cankerworm that eats up the developing process of Cameroon.

The network reaffirms its position as the government watchdog to ensure they govern the people with earnest civility.

Apart from mapping out strategies to fight corruption, the network will be electing a new bureau to govern its activities.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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