Qatar2022: Cameroonian Take Measures To Watch Indomitable Lions First Match

Hours the indomitable lions of Cameroon will be tussling for their first three points in the 2022 Qatar world against Switzerland in their prime outing.

The time Schedule for the game,11 am which falls within working hours is kind of spilling out a lot ink as questioning arises as to how workers are going to watch the game.

The time is not going to be a hindrance most workkers say.

Final touches ahead the the big moment, when the Indomitable Lions play their first match at the ongoing planetary football Jamboree. Nothing, has been left to chance even in government office.

Public servants already in a patriotic mode will be on duty while catching a glimpse of the 11am encounter.

At the Ministry of Finance, special measures are in place to guarantee continuity of service.

Not having a TV set in the office is no big deal, colleagues will catch the fun of watching the lions game together at the special place setup at the heart of the Administrative centre.

Hospitals will prioritise savings lives. Though Medics can catch up online.

The lions’ match against Switzerland this Thursday at 11 a.m. is an unprecedented meeting for Cameroonians, who look forward to an exciting game crowned with a victory and setting the pace for African teams at the Qatar2022 expedition.

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Elvis Teke

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