Cameroon Medical Council: The Elections that Never Were

Elections of the new bureau of the Cameroon Medical Council have been postponed to an unannounced date.

The announcement postponing the elections was made in the early hours of this December 30, 2022, 24 hours after medical doctors registered under the Council were expected to vote.

Replay of Events

All started up in serenity with registration going on in the morning as early as 8am at the Yaounde Conference Centre.

By midday, there was a mammoth crowd indicating a huge turn-out.

This was applauded by the Rapporteur of the Ad hoc Commission charged with organising the elections, Prof Eugene Sobngwi who announced a total of 1,183 medical doctors registered to vote.

The Elective General Assembly was declared open by the representative of the Minister, Prof Louis Richard Njock.

The Electoral College was constituted and installed into function.

Then started the arguments about the electoral process.

The doctors present gave various complaints but the major issue expressed by many was the absence of the electoral register.

The Electoral College stepped out to concert and after several hours returned yet the arguments persisted.

This was followed by an announcement on the postponement of the elections at around 10pm.

Some doctors left the hall yet a host of others stayed back hoping the elections will finally take place.

Public Health Minister Weighs in on Elections Situation

At about 1:20am this Friday December 30, 2022, the medical doctors were called back into the hall hosting the General Assembly.

At this point, a Member of the Ad hoc Commission, Boukar Kella O, announced the Minister’s decision to postpone the elections to an unannounced date.

He added that the Ministry of Public Health will manage the Medical Council until the electoral register is constituted ahead of elections.

Some applauded the decision while others left disgruntled.

With this turn out of events, the Cameroon Medical Council (ONMC) ends the year without an Executive body to manage its affairs.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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