#FIFAWC2022: Cameroonian fans say they have won their “Cup”

Die-hards and fans of Cameroonian football say they have won their world cup trophy after breaking the myth and outplaying five times World Cup Champions and number one rated football country in the world. Rigobert Song and his boys clamped down the Seleçao of Brazil 1-0 at the iconic 80, 000 capacity Lusail stadium to enter history as the only African country to do soo.

The mathematical equations initiated by Zambo Anguissa to Colombe of Sud’s Ngom Jerome who was fielded in as a substitute to Moumi Ngameleu paid off just three minutes in the nine extra 9 minutes. A connection from the extreme right through Ngom to versatile Cameroon’s Aboubakar Vincent was beautifully thrown into Ederson’s net with the use of the head to put the central African team in the good books of football history.

Infact, the over 70.000 Brazilian fans amazed with Aboubakar’s brilliance and creativity were charmed by the action and started cheering Cameroon, their enemy in the game. The excitement in the full arena was extended to the neighbours

At the 7 Pearls hotel hosting the fans of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, we met few tired looking persons upon arrival. They were celebrating till the early hours of the day reason why they are exhausted, some still managed to get out bed.

One of Cameroon’s comedian popularly known as Hoga stated clearly, ” We won the cup, we can happily go home now. Brazil is staying but defeating them is the best that ever happened to us at the 2022 World Cup”

Many other excited fans like Mama Dynamique whose voice can barely come out clearly probably from the cheering and shouting at the stadium says “We ate Brazil, we are indomitable, we are best at what we do”

She looks exhausted just Mama Eto’o and others supporters but then their joy will seemingly not last for just more than a day. They are continuously waving Cameroon’s flag while lauding praises to the exceptional squad for giving them reason to celebrate, afterall the defeat to Cameroon means the winning the coveted world cup trophy

Shouting at the top of her voice, Mama Eto’o as she is called, dressed from head to toes with colours of the Cameroon national team said, ” We are going back to Cameroon as one of the historic teams at the World Cup. We did not just win Brazil but we threatened their space as the top best team in the world”

“I personally want to thank the President of the Cameroon Football Federation, the coach, the players and the management team for giving us reasons to leave Qatar with our heads high up there, indeed our flag is flying everywhere in the world”

Some fans say, Cameroonian did not believe in the team but now their views have changed and history has been written, history that marks Cameroon’s defeat of the Seleçao’s of Brazil twice at the World (1998 and 2022), and once at the 2003 Confederation.

Interestingly, football legend Rigobert Song who was a player when Cameroon outplayed Brazil in a 1-0 game is the present coach when Cameroon humbled Brazil 1-0 at the Lusail stadium in Qatar.

Cameroon leaves the world cup with records, playing a draw with Serbia and defeating Brazil 1-0 to finish at the third position in Group G with four points after Switzerland and Brazil.

The celebrations are on everywhere in the world, the internet is having a good feat as well. Many persons and football sites have celebrated Aboubakar in one way or the other. The winner of the golden boot at the 2021 AFCON leaves Qatar with two goals in three matches.

The exceptional performance of Epassy Mboka Devis earned him the Man of the Match after registering 9 saves and 6 recovering against the star studded Brazil.

Cameroon is out but their exit was rather a triumphant one. The feasting in Yaounde like in Bamenda, Buea and Maroua, and other parts of the country has been very explosive. Cameroon is that country, that defeated Brazil not one once but thrice

Benly Anchunda in Doha

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