Fighting GBV: Cameroonian Organisation Proposes Five-Dimensional Solution

As the curtains are almost drawn up on the annual 16 Days of Activism to end Gender-based Violence (GBV), a Cameroonian-based organisation, eBASE Africa provides a five-dimensional front to the vice.

The Team Lead of the organisation, Dr Patrick Okwen Mbah explains that their solutions to the “Wicked Problem” of gender-based violence is fruit of indepth research across four crisis-hit regions of Cameroon with high prevalence of GBV. The regions include the North West, South West, Far North and East Regions.

Five-Dimensional Approach to Fighting GBV

eBASE Africa is using storytelling to stamp out GBV.

Storytelling which is deeply rooted in our African cultures is a strong tool to fight GBV according to the organisation.

In this method, storytellers are identified and equipped with evidence from research and community life to tell stories which will appeal to the hearts and minds of those in the community.

The second approach to fight GBV is the use of radio programmes.

Community radio stations are used to produce programmes centred on sensitisation on GBV.

In schools, eBASE uses school clubs as a sensitisation tool on GBV.

Didactic materials are shared in schools and the clubs are charged with propagating the sensitisation messages. The organisation works with Head Teachers, Principals, Health Experts, Counsellors and Pupils / Students who are members of the clubs.

Promoting income generating activities is also another means through which the organisation engages in fighting GBV.

With income generating activities, women are empowered to be more financially stable and engaged in networking with their peers.

In the Far North Region, eBASE is empowering 123 women through local savings groups (njangis) and trouble banks.

Moreover, the organisation has created a cyber health platform to help report cases of GBV.

Dr Patrick Okwen Mbah explains that the platform enables victims to report their problems anonymously, to avoid stigma and get help as soon as possible.

The Medic highlights that the application is able to locate the victim so that medical or psychological assistance could be provided to the latter especially in cases of rape where medications are needed.

The platform called kwik klik app could be accessed online at or by downloading the app on Playstore.

With the above five solutions to GBV, hopes are high that more victims will speak up against Gender-based Violence.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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