Fon Angwafo lll Elevated for his Great Strives For Peace and Development

The Traditional Ruler of the Mankon people Fon Solomon Anyeghamotu Ndefru Angwafo III who disappeared on May 21, 2022 at the age of 97 has been described as the architect of the development of the town of Bamenda and a major stakeholder in the political landscape in Cameroon.

During a celebration to pay him homage at his Royal Palace in Mankon known as the “Nukwi Ni Aboubte” he was posthumously raised to the dignity of Grand Cordon in the National Order of Merit by the Vice Prime Minister – Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPDM, Jean Kuete on behalf of the President of the Republic.

The Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM was the personal representative of the Head of State at the ceremony to pay tributes to the missing Fon who was also Vice President of the party.

He also placed the wreath sent by the Presidential couple in honour of the Fon.

Fon Angwafo III was described as an entire page of the party which encompasses the past, the present and future of the party where he served as Vice president for decades.

In the speech of the CPDM Secretary General presented by former Prime Minister Philemon Yang, it was revealed that Fon Angwafo lll has been the most loyal and humble member since the creation of the party in 1985.

Fon Angwafo III: The Promoter of Education

The town of Bamenda which harbors a large number of quality educational institutions is the brainchild of Fon Anwafo lll as outlined in testimonies gather from members of the Elite at the event.

During his 63 year reign as traditional ruler, Fon Angwafo III encouraged the creation of schools and offered land for the construction of the schools which have trained hundreds of thousands of people.

The city Mayor of Bamenda Paul Achobang Tembang said this is one of the things Fon Angwafo lll will be remembered for.

He regretted that fact that the crisis in the region has interrupted schools attendance for over six years. He said even schools in neighboring villages like CPC Bali, PSS Mankon and the University of Bamenda found in Bambili depend on the security in Mankon to function well.

The City Mayor called on the population to use the Nukwi festival as a turning point to return to lasting peace. He invited the secessionist fighters to drop their arms and embrace peace with the coming of the new Fon, Angwafo IV who will continue the legacy of his father. “For the old is gone, the new has come”.

Other speakers at the ceremony to “Uplift” Fon Angwafo lll were unanimous on his qualities as a peace lover and promoter, a Wiseman and a development pivot of the region as a whole.

The President of the North West Regional Assembly Prof. Fru Angwafo lll said he was the eldest member of the North West Regional House of Chiefs, which he clamored for its creation, to include traditional rulers in the administration and decision making about the people.

Nukwi: The Mankon Culture Showcased

The other side of the event was a display of the very rich culture and tradition of the Mankon people. Several traditional rites were performed to cleanse the land of misfortunes of the past. Special dances were performed like the “Minang- do” a dance performed by Princes and princesses very early in the morning before the official ceremony.

They received the camwood power on their foreheads as a sign of blessing.
The Ikom Ngang also came on board in the presence of the population. This dance is made up of notables and members of the royal family.

This then ushered in the new king Angwafo IV who made his first public appearance since his he was enthroned in June 2022.

Fon Angwafo IV

Activities of the Nukwi Ni Aboute will run for one month and different villages and their traditional rulers will join in the celebrations.

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