Governor’s Conferences: Security and Sociopolitical Welfare Discussed

The governors of the country have been called to adhere to the recommendations of the forces of law and order to ensure a hitch free end of year which is usually characterized by an effervescence of celebratory activities.

Territorial Administration minister, Paul Atanga Nji made the call this Monday December 12, as the governors of the ten region of Cameroon convene in Yaoundé for the second Bi-Annual Conference of Regional Governors.

Deliberations are unfolding under the theme “Administrative Authorities confronted with the challenges of maintaining law and order, respecting citizen’s rights, implementing development projects and curbing inflation.”

Second Semester Conference of Governors for 2022 in Cameroon
Second Semester Conference of Governors for 2022 in Cameroon

Paul Atanga Nji began his opening remarks by evoking the Damas landslide which killed over fifteen people in Yaoundé.

A minute of silence was observed by the entire chamber in honour of the memory of the victims of the drastic incident.

The Territorial Administration minister reiterated that the second semester conference is a keen followup of the first whereby there will be an evaluation of the sociopolitical and economic growth of the regions.

On security, he encouraged the formation of vigilante groups in order to fight organised crime.

He recommended that regional administration authorities collaborate with the local population for preemptive intelligence to be at the forefront of misconducts.

Paul Atanga Nji said the consumption of drugs and other narcotics must be fought in schools for a more viable learning and teaching environment in schools.

It was also mentioned in his opening speech that the role of the regional authorities is to protect and not kill regional authorities.

By this he made mention of local authorities who impound unlicensed goods and sometimes benefit off them.

It was proposed that a clear track record be set up, from the confiscation of goods, storage and the payments of penalties be established at local levels.

The issue of the contestation of traditional rulers by locals was brought to table.

Paul Atanga Nji said it has come to his attention that since the President of the Republic, Paul Biya set up funds for traditional rulers, there has been increase contestation of traditional rulers by their own people.

The minister advised that local authorities should make sure they follow the texts that govern this procedure and equally establish a list of traditional rulers in the areas of jurisdiction.

The two days conference continues in Yaoundé as the governors give a report on their regions’ activities.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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