Lady Ponce Thrill Hundreds of Fans at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex

Bikutsi Diva Lady Ponce set the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex alight the Saturday December 17, 2022 to mark her after 16th year in music. The Yaounde event comes after her concert at the Olympia in Paris in the Month of September.

The thrilling show gained momentum at 11pm when the Diva made her entry into the 5200 sports arena for the long awaited concert aimed at honouring her fans. In a queen-like parade,  the bikutsi artisit was ushered to the stage by a white horse, guards and sports bikes which set the stage ablaze.

In four hours of show rich in colour, fans savoured the 22 hits from Lady Ponce’s 7 albums such as “le ventre her most successful song released in 2006 , Poisson fumée, trahison,maladie d’amour, médecin d’amour, secouer secouer amongst others.

Fans sang in chorus to their favourite songs and also cheered the artist who keep them dancing all night.

Stage for Budding Artist

Prior to the Arrival of Lady Ponce on stage, rising stars invited and some renowned artists took to the stage the thrill the public. At beginning of the concert, artists such as Ntondobe, Armelle Diamant, Chimen Ngoli , Karysm M author of the popular song ” a chacun sa chance”, Lucky+2, les rythmeurs ABC and others invited to accompany the bikutsi diva thrilled the public.

The bikutsi diva began the concert with a featuring with seven musicians and dancers. The first duo was with Cameroon’s famous baritone Jacques Greg Belobo in the title ” Obale ma”.  Then came in Richard Amougou and Lady Ponce as they stage one of her titles “J’ai envie de saouler”. The last duet was with Roger of X-maleya group on the song «si je pouvais”.

The crowd chanted with the artist and dance with her from their seats and some went on the stage. The event couldn’t be complete without her dancers, about 50 of them joined her on stage in groups to make the show a memorable one. The Mayor of the Yaounde 6 Council Yoki Onana and others answered present to encourage the artist and promote culture.

The Spectators didn’t want the concert to end but around 3:30am Lady Ponce stage the last song in the list ” Ella”. Fans left happy and satisfied with the quality of the event

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