New Bank Notes: Commuters Yet to Have a Glimpse

The new bank notes for the franc CFA promised to be in circulation from this Thursday December 15, 2022 by the Bank of Central Africa States BEAC is yet to be seen handy.

Early commuters who carried out bank transactions this Thursday December 15 morning hoping to get the new bank notes were rather disappointed to still find the old ones being issued out at tellers and ATMs.

Although many Yaoundé city dwellers are excited to see and feel what the new notes look like, they claim they do not know how to go about to access them.

Most of them say they rely on their banks for the “new money.”

After visiting over four mainstream banks at “Avenue de Banque” in Yaoundé, most tellers were still issuing the familiar bank notes.

All bank managements were tight lip about the process of the circulation of the new bank notes.

Micro finance branch managers say they do not deal directly with the Bank of Central Africa States and rely only on mainstream banks to make available the new bank notes to their different branches.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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