SAEDEL 2022: Trailing Entrepreneurs Towards Emergence

The maiden edition of Economic Stakeholders and Local Development fair dubbed SAEDEL has been launched in Kirbi, South Region of Cameroon on the theme: the challenges of local economy and national development” The event was launched by the Governor of the South Region Felix Nguele Nguele in the presence of top government officials.

The acceleration of the decentralisation process has sharpened a feeling of competition between local authorities, which until now were struggling to attract or draw the attention of inhabitants and companies that provide jobs and services to the population.

The Economic Stakeholders and Local Development Fair (SAEDEL) comes at the right time to ensure that these communities have visibility and highlight their assets by developing the capacity to attract specific resources from outside among their various leaders.

Above all, it will encourage decision-makers at the level of the State and local authorities to discuss attractiveness policies. Its aim at encouraging regions to open up to other regions, investors and to the population, thereby doing everything possible to improve on the living conditions of populations.

For this to be a success the Governor of the South Region Felix Nguele Nguele while launching the 6 days fair called on participants to come to up with concrete strategies.

” We have all the assets to make Kribi the future economic capital of Cameroon, so I call on participants to use this fair to identify those who can develop this town and others”

For 6 days there will be conferences, economic meetings , debates and exhibitions among municipalities,public and private companies, development partners and Ministeries to discuss problems related to boosting the local economy, fight unemployment by encouraging the creation of new business.

Talking at the opening ceremony , the Promoter of the fair Patrice Assiga said the choice of Kribi for the first edition is because it is a seashore town the future national and regional industrial hub and this project will help boost activities in the area.

Visiting stands, the local population is impressed by the project and want it to continue, Patience is one of them

” I came here to see what is happening and I can say I’m satisfied and I think it is going to bring development in our area and unite councils ”

Specific Objectives Of The Fair

– Boost the local economy

– Promote local public policies

– Encouraging solidarity between regions

– Boosting the number of businesses in the regions of Cameroon

– Addressing the issues related to unemployment by encouraging the creation of new businesses

– Encouraging local authorities’ services to develop their skills

– Encouraging partnerships between local authorities services local and foreign
economic operators

– Promoting regional tourism

– Promote national integration

– Create conditions for the wellbeing of all the people living in the regions

– Stimulate development mentality in the youths

– Promote local businesses and brand

– Provide a framework of admissibility in terms of development to the regions per year

– Stimulate interregional and national integration projects to facilitate the movement of people and goods

– Improve and enhance the comparative advantages of the different regions of Cameroon

The event which will end on December 11,2022 is going to take place in other parts of the Country as well as from next year

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