Saedel2022: CRTV at the Heart of Kribi Entrepreneurship Fair

The strategic and eye catching st and at the point of entry into the SAEDEL fair group is that of Cameroon’s communication giant, the CRTV.

Equipments and a battery media men and women in the company of public relations experts are on hand to give minute by minute updates on happening on the fair on Radio, TV and Web.

The team deployed by CRTV’s management is made up of staff from the Cooperation and Communication Department, CRTV Marketing and communication agency, CRTV Web, FM Kribi and TV broadcast department.

The Director of the department of Cooperation and Communication, Yvonne Eloundou, is coordinating the CRTV teams on the ground to ensure optimal production as well as the promotion of CRTV platforms.

“CRTV is here to inform those who don’t know more on CRTV and update those following us already. We are also here to accompany SAEDEL our partner for the public to know what is happening be it on the TV, FM Kribi and our platforms that is CRTVWEB” she said.


CRTV’s digital platforms cover the event to the greatest details, live broadcast of the opening ceremony and conference are available CRTV Web’s Facebook Page every day.

Other information on happening within and around the fair are also published on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram while the website, is uploaded with reports on each activities.

Discovering CRTV Stand at SAEDEL

State personalities and other visitors to the fairground make a stopover at the conspicuous stand of the public service broadcasters. Personnel of the Cooperation and Communication Department welcome and take them round to visit the different components present and service offers of the CRTV, the Marketing and communication Agency – CMCA and the Audiovisual Heritage Conservation Training Institute, IFCPA.

The fair is also an avenue for CMCA to broker corporation and advertising deals with partners.

The CRTV’s proximity channel Wave FM Kribi is at the heart of the media coverage of the event producing content for the television and the radio, they do daily reports on the fair.

CRTV’S team at SAEDEL is accompanied by a makeup artist who add colour and freshen up guests who are called upon for exclusive interviews at the stand.

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