CHAN 2022: Stakes of Cameroon – Congo Encounter

As the Intermediate Lions of Cameroon face the Red Devils of Congo, a win is imperative if the Lions must sail with ease to the next stage of the 2022 African Nations Championship (CHAN).

Lodged in a group of three teams, the Intermediate Lions and the other two teams in the group (Congo and Niger) have just two matches to play each at the group stage.

A win for Team Cameroon against Congo means the boys of Alioum Saidou will have secured three points and may need at least a draw game to cross to the next level of the competition.

A draw game today will be a slow take-off for the Intermediate Lions as they must secure a win in their next encounter, against Niger.

What about a loss? A loss today will be pretty tragic for Intermediate Lions as it will mean they must hope Congo and Niger have a draw game and then they win Niger in the next game with a good number of goals so as to have an edge over the winner of the Congo vs Niger match.

Moreover, a loss will be a repeat of the January 16, 2018 scenario in Agadir, Morocco where the Intermediate Lions bowed in a 1 – 0 defeat to the Red Devils of Congo.

In this regard, the Intermediate Lions must secure a win today, January 16, 2022 as they open Group E games of the CHAN, at the Miloud Hadefi Stadium in Oran, Algeria.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi on special assignment in Algeria

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