CHAN 2022: Discovering the Miloud Hadefi Stadium in Oran

The Miloud Hadefi Stadium is a beautiful architectural work, standing tall in the Belgaïd district of Bir El Djir in the eastern suburbs of Oran.

The stadium is part of the Miloud Hadefi Olympic Complex also referred to as the Oran Olympic Complex.

Its design was inspired by the San Nicola Stadium in Bari, designed by Italian Architect, Renzo Piano.

About the Miloud Hadefi Stadium

Construction works on the Miloud Hadefi Stadium ended in 2019 and the inaugural match on its football pitch was on June 17, 2021 pitting Algeria and Liberia in a friendly game which saw Algeria emerge with a 5 – 1 victory.

The stadium has a capacity of over 40.000 seats with its construction valued at about 222.3 million US Dollars as against 142.3 US Dollars initially earmarked.

Discover the Miloud Hadefi Stadium in Oran, #Algeria. The Intermediate Lions of Cameroon will field their Group E games on this stadium alongside teams in Group D of the #TotalEnergiesCHAN2022.

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Spanning over 300 metres, the Miloud Hadefi Stadium is designed like an ancient amphitheatre on a slope which gives it some extra aesthetic features.

The playing field has a dimension of 105 × 68 metres, surrounded by an athletics track.

The stadium’s car pack has space for about 1500 vehicles.

It is also the first stadium in Algeria to be entirely covered.

The stadium alongside the components of the whole olympic complex is spread over 105 hectares.

Apart from the stadium and the athletics section, the Complex has a sports hall for 6200 people and a centre with three swimming pools.

The Miloud Hadefi Stadium was used as the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 Mediterranean Games.

The stadium was named after a former international footballer and player of MC Oran, Miloud Hadefi.

Matches of Groups D and E of the 2022 African Nations Championship will be played in this stadium.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi on special assignment in Algeria

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