CHAN 2022: Platform for Development of Local Football

The African Nations Championship (CHAN) though considered by many as a minor football competition is very important for the development of local football in Cameroon.

A Football Analyst, Aziz Debel highlights the importance of the CHAN. “The CHAN is a welcomed initiative from CAF as it goes a long way to project our local football championship,” he explains.

The Football Analyst explains that the CHAN also provides numerous opportunities for home-based players. “The trend today is about players playing abroad, making most players to think that if they do not go abroad, they will not be called into the national football team or play professional football. This is not true since the CHAN gives visibility to local talents.”

Aziz Debel adds that the African Nations Championship also helps improve the standard of Elite football in the country.

“Moreover, the players get an international experience as they participate in the competition. This is advantageous to their home clubs. The likes of Ngom, Kaiba, Mbah, Bawak and others are testimony of great talents uncovered thanks to the CHAN,” Aziz Debel points out.

The CHAN is also a platform to showcase and attract local and international investors to support the development of Cameroon football.

With the above-mentioned opportunities, it is clear that participating and excelling at the African Nations Championship is an open door to many other opportunities in the world of football.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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