Dion Ngute’s 4th Anniversary as Prime Minister

Wednesday, January 4, 2023 marks four Year since Joseph Dion Ngute was appointed Prime  Minister Head of  Government of Cameroon.

Four years during which the Dion Ngute government has had to deal with several challenges including the situation in the northwest and southwest, the covid 19 pandemic and others.

Challenges Faced and Results Obtained obtained

Apart from his regalia mission of coordinating govt avtion for the past four years, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute has been faced with a series of challenging task which have required personal charisma to mix with technical ability for results to follow.

From the word go, Joseph Dion Ngute landed on a hot seat with the socio political tentions in the northwest and southwest at its peak.

His audacious peace mission to the two regions in 2019 and his handling of the Major National as well as the meticulous followup of the ilplementaion of its recommendations have contributed in no small way in calming the situation.

Coming on the heels of the situation in the northwest and southwest, was the covid 19 pandemic and the resulting global economic slowdown.

The Dion Ngute government under the instructions of President Paul Biya, set up a response strategy which against all speculations succeeded in not only checking the scale of the pandemic in Cameroon but also in devising counter measures which have kept the economy afloat.

AFCON 2021 attributed to Cameroon under some of the most stringent conditions ever seen in the history of the African game, was another puzzle, the Dion Ngute government had to address.
With numerous control missions on the field and a level – headed diplomatic approach with CAF, Cameroon succeeded in organising a competition which has become a reference in the African game.

And the Joseph Dion Ngute government has had to deal with these issues while at the same time prusing its mission of promoting social cohésion and economic development in the country.

On the social fromt, The Dion Ngute government adressed the teachers strike of 2021 headon, producing some of the most widespread reforms ever seen, concerning the integration and  followup of the careers teachers.

On the economic front dialogue with the business sector has been permanent as government and actors constantly look for common ground to maintain the resilience of the economy in the face of successive external shocks.

4 years of Joseph Dion Ngute as PM have also been 4 years of maintaining Cameroon’s présence on the international scene.

The Prime Minister has had the honour to represent the Head of State in several international events, keeping the country’s diplomatic label afloat.

It will perhaps be incumbent on history to judge the first four years of The Joseph Dion Ngute Government but while waiting for that time, the actions are there for all to see.

Christian Che Atam

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