2022 Baccalaureat: Jean Tabi and François-Xavier Vogt Colleges Top List

College Jean Tabi in the Mfoundi Division of the Centre Region has once more registered the best results at the Baccalaureat exams this time around in a tie with College François-Xavier Vogt.

The Cameroon Baccalaureat Board (OBC) presented the statistics this February 15, 2023 at its head office in Yaounde.

College Jean Tabi had 405 registered students. All the 405 sat for the exams with 404 passing and one failing. This gave a 99.75 percentage pass.

College François-Xavier Vogt also recorded a 99.75% pass with 810 registered, 809 who sat the exam and 807 passed.

The Littoral Region then follows with the third and fourth positions occupied by College Libermann in the Wouri Division and Lycée Technique et Professionel Agricole de Yabassi in the Nkam Division.

College Sonara Limbe of Fako Division in the South West Region occupies the sixth position on the list. The school comes after College Catholique Bilingue Saint Benoît in the Mfoundi Division.

The worst result this year, 04,23% recorded at Lycée de Dom-Pya in the Mayo-Danay Division, Far North Region.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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