Fighting GBV: AlertGBV to Support Survivors and Victims Launched

Survivors and Victims of Gender-based Violence in Cameroon and abroad can now get support wherever they are thanks to the digital paltform, AlertGBV.

The platform was presented in a ceremony last February 17, 2023 in Douala.

About AlertGBV

AlertGBV is brainchild of Women in Entrepreneurship and Technology (WETECH).

The platform was created to permit survivors and those exposed to GBV get assistance from a distance.

Founder of WETECH, Elodie Nonga-Kenla, explains, “AlertGBV is innovative, accessible and free. We want associations and individuals to know about this platform and support us with resources to give back to survivors.”

The platform incorporates a section for instant confidential (anonymous) chat messages, information and resources on GBV, contacts on where to find help through associations, psychologists or lawyers and free follow-up services amongst others.

AlertGBV can be accessed using a computer or smartphone on

A Stitch in Time

This platform is timely especially as many women across Cameroon and beyond still suffer Gender-based Violence and cannot speak out.

GBV Coordinator at UNFPA, Liliane Munezero expatiates on this, “Statistics indicate that one out of three women in Cameroon is exposed to physical violence and more than 50% of women in Cameroon are exposed to emotional violence.”

In November 2022, a Cameroonian NGO, eBase Africa presented its cyber health platform, Kwikklik aimed at reporting cases of Gender-based Violence and receiving medical and psychological assitance.

Such innovations in relation to fighting GBV provides a glimmer of hope to many women in need of assistance, whose mouths may be shut due to fear of the unknown or stigma.

The platforms are also proof of Cameroon’s drive towards attaining the SDG 5 which focuses on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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