Finance Ministry Upbeat for 2023

The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze has lauded his personnel for the road covered in 2022 and called on them to realise even more in 2023.

The Finance Minister made this call during a ceremony to present New Year wishes to him and his Minister Delegate, Abdoulaye Yaouba.

On the sidelines of this event was the annual conference of Heads of Central, Devolved and External Services of the Ministry of Finance.

Major Axes of the 2023 Budgetary Policy

The 2023 Budgetary Policy includes measures to streamline the mobilisation of tax, non-tax and customs revenues and to ammeliorate the quality of public expenditure as well as other measures.

Under tax measures, focus will be on:

– The socioeconomic promotion and import substitution measures. Accordingly, this concerens the agricultural, livestock and fishing sectors and the transformation of local raw materials.

– Ammeliorating the business tax environment. This will be done through lightening the tax burden of tax payers, reinforcement of legal security and simplification of procedures.

-Broadening the tax base on fight against tax fraud.

– Revenue securing

– Promoting tax civic-mindedness

Under custom duty measures, focus will be on:

– Promotion of the import-substitution policy

– Broadening the customs duty base

– Ammeliorating the business environment and social atmosphere

– Fightinf against customs fraud and illicit trafficking

Non tax revenue measures:

– Broadening of the service revenue base

– Optimisation of service revenue collection

– Management of consular service revenues

– Management of state property and cadastral revenues

Measures to ammeliorate the Quality of Public Expenditure

Under Salary and pension expenditures:

– Streamlining of state expenditures

– Sustainability of the wage bill of other public entities

– Management of the salaries of state personnel

– Follow-up of thr constitution of pension rights

– Strengthening of the inter-ministerial committee for the control of arrears

These amongst many other measures will be implemented by the Ministry of Finance in 2023.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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