Senatorial Election: ELECAM Makes Provision of Ballot Papers

Following the acceptance of the lists of ten political parties to run for the March 12 Senatorial Election, the Chairperson of Elections Cameroon ELECAM has called on those accepted to run should confirm the colors and initials to be used on their manifestos and campaign posters.

This legal provision is governed by section 89 of the Electoral Code and the deadline fixed for that is this Tuesday February 14, 2023.

Format of Ballots

The decision of February 10 signed by the Chief Electoral Officer provides information on the format of the ballots and electoral campaign, on the occasion of the election of senators on March 12, 2023.

It points out that the ballot paper is 150 x 100 millimeters in size. It is printed on paper whose weight is between 60 and 90 grams per square meter.

It also obeys the same color as that chosen by the political party in the declaration of candidacy and bears on the front of the inscriptions concerning the political party, in particular the list of candidates, the logo or the acronym.

The ballot paper also includes on the front, the words “Republic of Cameroon”, “Elections of Senators 2023” in French and English. The back of the ballot is blank.

As for the campaign ballot, it is a specimen of the ballot which bears the mention “Bulletin de campagne” in French and “Campaign ballot” in English.

Erik Essousse’s decision adds that in view of the electoral campaign, the Directorate General of Elections provides each list of candidates with campaign bulletins.

Poster locations

Section 91 of the Electoral Code provides that these spaces are reserved by the municipalities at the request of Elections Cameroon.

Apart from dedicated locations, any public display, even by stamped poster, is prohibited.

The same applies to posters or inscriptions affixed in a place open to the public or in private premises, if they are not placed there by the owner of the premises.

Paragraph 5 of the previous article warns that Elections Cameroon has the removal of posters irregularly affixed during the election campaign.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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