2023 Women’s Day: Selma Ndi on the “DigitALL” Move

As the 2023 edition of the International Women’s Day has as theme, “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality”, we celebrate Selma Ndi, one of the women already pushing this agenda forward.

The under-representation of women in technology in Africa is the main reason why the 31-year-old lady embarked on starting up Data Girl Technologies, an initiative that seeks to foster the next generation of female techtechnology talents in Africa.

Selma further explains, “Less than 30% of women are represented in technology globally and in every ten people in the tech space in Africa, eight are boys. After being introduced to technology five years ago, I realized that there existed a huge gender divide and at the same time, the tech market was very much open for women to explore. With the burning passion to pass on to the next generation the knowledge I gathered, and to share the exciting career path which could serve as a huge financial mine for women especially, I decided to create my start-up to solve these issues and more.”

Overcoming the Hurdles

The greatest challenge for Selma was the fear of failure as she did not see female representation or female success stories in technology around her.

“Also the endless hours I had to put in sitting in front of my computer everyday made it impossible for me to be there for my friends, so I missed out on a lot of my relationships,” she remarks.

“Technology is not Gender-Affiliated”

Selma Ndi encourages young girls to cancel the myth that says technology is for men.

“Technology is not gender-affiliated. You are capable of becoming whatever you wish to become. Jump on whatever opportunity you find to get into technology because technology is the future and that future is female,” she argues.

“Whatever you set your heart to achieve, believe it to be true, work at it consistently and you will achieve. Always know that your dreams are valid. If I could do it, you too can!” the tech-savvy lady emphasises.

Who is Selma Ndi?

Selma Ndi is a Full Stack Web Developer, Techwomen22 Emerging Leader and a Technology Entrepreneur.

She is also the CEO and Founder of Data Girl Technologies.

Selma has an MBA in Accounting from the ICT University Institute in Yaounde and works in Buea.

She and her team run Web Development and UI/UX training, designed to prepare women for technology hires.

“Our programs are open for everyone: university students, those willing to start careers in technology, change careers, graduates, etc,” she explains.

Way to go Selma!

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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