Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Forest Sector Receive Boost, go Digital

Obtaining finances for projects, accessing financial services and selling goods just with a click on the phone is soon to be reality for members and adherents of the Chamber of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Forests of Cameroon (CAPEF).

This is thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding signed by CAPEF with YUNUS and Cameroon Postal Services (CAMPOST).

The various components of this partnership were unveiled during a press conference this March 22, 2023.

Three-dimensional Support

According to the representative of YUNUS, Jeanne Claire Kanga, a total of 20 billion CFAF is available as support for adherents and members of CAPEF for a period of one year in three major ways.

YUNUS will finance the projects of members and adherents of CAPEF in agriculture, fisheries, livestock and forestry.

Futhermore, YUNUS will accompany them in their financial transactions and ensure their social protection.

Thirdly, the partnership will ensure digital support for the CAPEF members and adherents. This will be done thanks to the “Campost-Yunus Farm2Home” application which will reduce the distance between farmers and consumers through digital passing of commands and payments.

The application will also aid in receiving financial packages as assistance for projects.

Apart from the above mentioned points, the CAPEF members and adherents will also benefit from trianing in entrepreneurship from their new partners.

Speaking during the press conference, the President of the Chamber of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Forests, Martin Paul Mindjos Momeny called on those doing agriculture, fishery, livestock and forest activities to get registered under the Chamber in order to enjoy the benefits of the partnership.

The press conference was therefore forum for the President to launch a sensitization campaign aimed at winning over more adherents.

If all goes well, this partnership will serve as a major boost to the Chamber that over the years has been receiving subventions only from Government.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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