Moliwe: Six dead, thirteen others seriously injured in an accident

Three students, two children of 5 -7 years old and the driver of a 19-seater Hiace bus died after a truck loaded with sand collided with the public transport bus onboard students of the Government Technical High School Ombe and other commuters. The sad incident occurred as early as 7:30 a.m this Friday, March 31st in Moliwe on the Mutengene-Limbe highway in Fako Division.

The bus driver who died on the spot was later buried in strict Islam tradition while four others are at the mortuary session of the Limbe Regional Hospital presently providing intensive medical care to the thirteen victims who sustained serious injuries. One victim was rushed to the close-by Mutengene Baptist Hospital but finally gave up the ghost.

Such a tragic incident with images hard to bear as the students were on their way to collect their end-of-term report cards while the two kids between ages of 5 and 7 were accompanying their mother to the farm, but were snatched by death as their mother is struggling for her own life.

The Senior Divisional Officer of Fako, Chaibou, notes that a total of 26 persons were involved in the unfortunate incident. Eight were rushed to the Mutengene Baptist Hospital and one died later. Meanwhile the others were transported to the Limbe Regional Hospital.

As it stands a total of 20 persons are undergoing medical care in the two health facilities. Just to recall that, 20 of the 26 victims were students of Ombe Technical High School.

A black Friday in the South West region of Cameroon indeed as the accident adds to three accidents recorded in a single day. In one of the unfortunate happenings, an English Literature teacher of Saker Baptist College Limbe lost his life after a bike accident earlier in the morning

The Moliwe stretch along the Limbe highway is gradually becoming a death trap as this is not the first deadly accident recorded in recent times on this particular area of the road.

Benly Anchunda (@anchunda_benly)


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