Ebolowa: Steady Potable Water Supply Resumes

A brand new waterpump with a capacity to propel 270 cubic meters of water per hour has been  installed at the Mvila Yemissem water treatment center in the South  Region.

It replaces the previous of 220 cubic meters per that broken three weeks ago disrupting water supply in the South Regional capital.

The Director General of the Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation, Blaise MOUSSA was in Ebolowa to assure the population that that his corporation has acquire brand new standby electro waterpumps, and also rehabilitate the Mvila Water treatment station in Ebolowa so as to pre-empt prolonged water scarcity in the South Region.

He made the declaration at the end of a working visit to Ebolowa this Wednesday, April 26 2023, where he noted with satisfaction that the dry taps are once more gushing out potable water to the delight of the population.

The Regional capital suffered water shortages for the past three weeks following the breakdown of the waterpump at the Mvila Yemissem water treatment center causing disruption in water supply.

During the rehabilitation works, CAMWATER made available two water tanks to supply water in the different neighborhoods of Ebolowa, as a temporal solution.

The Governor of  the South Region, Felix Nguele Nguele saluted the resumption of potable water supply in the town of Ebolowa as a relief as it would save lives following a case of cholera detected in the town.

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