Economic and Social Council: Membership Spelt out by Presidential Decree

The Economic and Social Council of Cameroon is one of the key institutions that drives the country’s economic and social policies.

Its creation is spelt out in Section 54 of the Constitution and governed by Law N° 86/009 of 5th July 1986 and of Law No. 2017/009 of 12 to lay down the powers, organization and functioning of the Economic and Social Council of Cameroon.

The council is composed of 150 members. The distribution of membership is per the different professions represented in the council is decreed by the President of the Republic.

On Monday April 24, 2023, a Presidential decree prescribed the breakdown by category of the 150 members of the council.

The decree specified that the members shall be chosen in due respect of gender, language and Regional balance.

The Econmic and Social Council of Cameroon has the obligation to provide its opinion on subjects concerning economic programmes or planning.

Since 1986, with the abandonment of the 5-year plans, the Economic and Social Council was not been seized.

The decree is expected to give a new impetus to the institution.

The 150 members of the Council shall be broken down in the following categories:

Economy, social development, employment, education, health,
culture, sports, scientific and technical research, the press, environment and sustainable development and information and communication technologies,

Banking and credit,

Industry, trade and handicraft
Trade unions
Agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry
Women’s and youth associations and
Liberal professions

Accordingly, six member will be appointed by Presidential decree to represent each of the categories.

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