Higher Education: Integration Process Simplified for Diaspora

Cameroonians in the Diaspora seeking integration into the public service through the Ministry Higher Education will soon be able to apply  online and follow up their documents with ease from a distance.

A platform, “E-National Higher Education Network” has been developed by the Ministry of Higher Education to facilitate the process.

The platform was presented on April 12, 2023 during the first session of the Working Group on Dematerialisation of the Management of Equivalences at the Ministry of Higher Education.

The Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo, chaired the session.

A Major Solution for those in the Diaspora

The Director of the Department for the Coordination of Academic Activities at the Ministry of Higher Education, Prof Augustina Fongod says the platform has numerous advantages.

The Ministry of Higher Education has developed a platform, “E-National Higher…

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First, it will save time and energy for those seeking integration as they could apply from anywhere in the world.

Prof Augustina Fongod adds that the platform will also reduce contact between those seeking integration and the staff of the Ministry. “This will in turn curb corruption,” she says.

Moreover, the platform will facilitate traceability as users will be able to follow-up their files online.

The “E-National Higher Education Network” when officially launched, would be accessed using internet connection on phone or computer.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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