Murder of 6 in Nanga Eboko: Suspect Apprehended

A certain man (names withheld), former lover of Vanessa who was murdered alongside five other family members, has been arrested by the police as prime suspect for the heinous crime.

He was arrested in Yaounde yesterday, Sunday April 9, 2023.

Six Murdered in Cold Blood

The sad event dates back to April 6 when the bodies of Vanessa, her three children and her two siblings were discovered in Vanessa’s house.

Eye witness accounts hold that when Vanessa was not seen at her usual business spot in the market, some concerned persons decided to check on her.

Upon arriving her house, they met the horrifying scene…six bodies slaughtered with Vanessa’s breast and genitals placed on her body.

Investigations then ensued with the arrest of the suspect as one of the major outcomes this far.

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