National Day: 3200 Medals to be Awarded in 2023

The National Order of Valours has begun examining files of candidates who aspire for National recognition with medals of Valour.

The Order meeting at the Presidency of the Republic to propose the best profiles that may benefit from the 3200 medals open for awards for National Day 2023 based on the loyalty to the fatherland and selfless service to the state over the years must have been proven over the years.

The Grand Chancellor of National Orders, Philemon Yang while opening the session this Tuesday April 25, 2023 explained that the orders makes proposals and the President of the Republic makes the final decision on who gets a medal.

He added that the Order in working on a project to computerise its process.
The statutory meeting is holding under in instructions of the President of the Republic, Grand Master of National Orders.

Quota of Medals for 2023

300 medals for the Order of Valour
1300 for the Order of Merit
200 for the Agricultural Order of Merit
100 for Sports
1300 for the Forces of Law and Order

Objectivity and Confidentiality

“We are presently comprising the system. It’s a slow process… my dream is that one day we would be able to use the system of computerisation when we hold meetings.” Philemon Yang, Grand Chancellor of the National Orders said.

He added that measures have been taken to ensure objectivity and confidentiality in the scrutiny of the files that ends on Thursday April 27, 2023.

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