Bafoussam : Police Officers apprehend Human bones trafficker

Forces of Law and order in Bafoussam, West Region of Cameroon have arrested a man transporting a bag containing human bones.

According to reports from the Central Police service in Bafoussam, Fouyet Nzodom Boris, the human bones trafficker, is part of an underground organized crime syndicate.

Samuel Lebeko, Senior Superintendent of police and head of the anti crimes squad explains their ordeal pinning down one of the suspects,  “The chase took us through the Sokada neighborhood, then to Toket and finally to Fin-Goudron Nsock, where we got hold of one of the suspects ».

70 Human bones transported

The 39-year-old Foyet Dzodom Boris was caught with a bag containing 70 human bones which he had dug up from a grave, and was planning to sell in the black market.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the alleged thug belongs to a network specialized in the desecration of graves for the sale of human bones within and beyond the country.

After the arrest of the suspect, the Commissioner at the Bafoussam Central Police station, Joseph Hamadjam, stated that although the phenomenon of human bones trafficking is gaining grounds in the West Region, he and his experienced team of police officers will stop at nothing to crack down on the culprits.

He also called on the population to collaborate with the forces of law and order to combat and eradicate this practice.

In the mean time, investigations are ongoing as the search for the run away accomplices intensifies.

Ngwa Keziah Fela

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