Feast of National Unity: Celebrating Cameroon’s Drive to Strive Together

On May 20, 2023 Cameroonians will celebrate the 51st edition of the National Day.

The event will be celebrated this year on theme: “Defense forces and cameroonian people in harmony to safeguard peace and national unity, bedrock of a strong and prosperous Cameroon.”

In keeping with the annual tradition since 1972, the feast will be marked by a military parade and a civilian match pass in the country’s Administrative Headquarters.

The grand parade at the May 20th Boulevard in Yaounde will be the icing on the cake, as the President of the Republic is expected to preside over the Event.

A Show of Unity in Diversity

The military parade on the National Day  is generally a demonstration of the prowess of the country’s defence and Security Forces. The different corps of the armed forces showcase their might and equipment in front of the Commander-in-Chief.

The army, which is composed of Cameroonians from all the over 250 ethnic groups  stand to defend the integrity and sovereignty of the country.
Beside the parade is the civilian match pass, another unique and colourful moment of communion.

School children from nursery, primary, secondary and high school school demonstrate their love for country through patriotic songs and messages.

Their seniors in Universities and other institutions of higher learning share similar enthusiasm and patriotism. The celebrations also sees the participation of political parties showcasing the country’s political Plurality.

The climax of the feast is at the Unity Palace, when the President of the Republic, communes with a cross section of the population to mark the day.

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