Health personnel in Yaounde protest against poor working conditions

Health workers in some hospitals in Yaounde have continued  protesting  against low wages, lack of funds, burnout, lack of working equipment and unsafe working conditions.

The strike action in Cameroon’s Capital has entered the second day, and the workers say the strike will continue till their problems are solved.

The strike which began on  May 22,2023 at the Yaounde Emergency Centre (CURY) and the Jamot hospital, is organized by the National Syndicate of Health Workers, headed by its president, Sylvain Onana.

As early as 7:30 am, the health workers assembly in front of their respective health facilities brandishing placards carrying their grievances.

Health workers protesting at the Jamot Hospital Yaounde

Some of the messages on placards displayed in front of the Jamot Hospital are “All equipment at Jamot hospital have broken down”, “ No toilets “, “ Enough is enough.” “ One week without lights.”.

“We want the government to stop exploiting us. The government should take concrete decisions in favor of our working conditions. We are here to save lives and we should do that in peace.” Touna Biloa Germaine staff Delegate told CRTV Web.

The health workers’ demands range from better working conditions, integration of contract workers into the public service, payment of bonuses health equipment and other issues.

“About 27,000 workers have been working for Neely 10 years and need to be integrated into the public service. We hear the government wants to integrate 5000frs, so what will happen to the rest?” Touna Biloa Germaine, staff Delegate said.

Aside the problems listed, health workers at the Jamot Hospital say management is bad and they have no hope things will get better anytime soon. They  want the director to “go.”

“Nothing is working at the Jamot hospital, and we want the Director to leave. He’s not suppose to be in office for more than 5 years, but he’s been here for 7 years,” Touna Biloa Germaine, staff Delegate said.

The health workers say the sit-down strike will continue till solutions are provided to their problems .


Kathy Neba Sina

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