Mother’s Day: When love, honor and respect for mothers overflow

A breakfast in bed, a day off, surprise party, kind wishes, or a lovely gift is one of the ways Cameroonians are honouring their mothers on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in Cameroon on the last Sunday of May. This year, the day falls on Pentecost Sunday, the day Christians believe the Holy Spirit came down on the Apostles.

The Dominican Republic, France, Haiti, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, Sweden, Tunisia and Algeria are other countries celebrating Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of May. Other countries celebrate the day on different Sundays in May.

Sharing love with mothers

On this year’s Mother’s Day, almost every Cameroonian on social media has posted pictures of their mother on WhatsApp status, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to celebrate and express the love for their mothers. Messages of love, respect, gratitude and honour are extended to mothers via radio and TV programs and letters.

Comedians have resorted to sharing funny, dramatic, emotional and educative videos in honour of mothers.

“Mothers are precious to children. Giving birth to children and taking care of them is not easy. It’s real headache for some mothers. So we have to celebrate our mothers today,” Amir-Ariel Djonkam told Crtv Web.

Some people take their mothers to parks, malls, restaurants and even beaches, where they eat, tell stories, laugh and take snapshots of such a memorable day.

“We celebrate Mothers Day in our church. It’s not easy for a woman to have and train up a child. My mother has done a lot for me. She made me know God, so I celebrate her for that. My mother is the reason for my existence,” Timothy A. says.

On Mother’s Day, some churches go the extra mile to organize elaborate events in honour of mothers. Mothers take part in competitions and other activities, and winners go home with  prizes .

Mother’s Day will always be a time to shower mothers with love, pamper them and let them know how treasured they are . It is a time to improve their emotional health.

Kathy Neba Sina

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