National Day 2023: Program and Practical Modalities

The civilian and military march past to mark the 51st edition of the National Day at the 20th May Boulevard will be presided over by the President of the Republic Paul Biya.

According to a release from the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency, National Day celebration began with a torchlight light procession that took off at 6pm.

Youths gathered at specific assembly points in each of the seven subdivisions of the Mfoundi Division and proceeded through a predetermined itinerary to the dispersal point at the Central Post Office Roundabout.

Military and Civilian March Past

20th May celebrations in Yaounde are expected to kick off at 6am with a religious service.

As from 8am, troops and paraders are expected to assemble at the 20th May Boulevard.

Guests, Generals, and Chiefs of Staff, The Armed Forces Chief of Staff, CPDM Central Committee Members residing in Yaounde, and leaders of Political parties represented at the National Assembly and Senate are expected to arrive between 8:45 am and 10am.

Their arrival will be followed by those of Head of Diplomatic Missions, Representatives of International Organisations, Consules and Special guests as well as Members of Government.

Top State dignitaries will continue making their arrivals till 11: 45am.
At 12 noon, the Presidential motorcade having on board the President of the Republic, Paul Biya will arrive.

He will be welcomed by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo.

The Head of State will proceed with a review of the troops for the event placed under the command of Brigadier General Bouba Dobekreo, Commander of the 5th Military Region.

National Day Parade

The different corps of the Defence and Security Forces are going to parade in front of the President of the Republic both on foot and in their military artillery.

During the parade, the National Gendarmerie will stage a choreographic display on Cameroon’s unity.

The visiting military contingent from Egypt is also expected to stage a show.

The civilian march past will follow immediately after the military parade.
Primary and secondary schools, institutions of higher learning and State Universities are expected to march past carring along various patriotic messages.
Political parties represented at the National Assembly and Senate will also take part in the parade that will end at 1:45 pm.


Defence, security and paramilitary forces bands are expected to thrill the populations of each of the seven subdivisions of the Mfoundi Division.

The events will take place at the Esplanade of each of the Subdivisional offices, in Nlongkak, Tsinga, Efoulan, Ekounou, Nkolmesseng, Biyam Assi and Nkolbisson.

Reception at Unity Palace

The President of the Republic and Mrs Chantal Biya have invited a cross section of Cameroonian and foreign dignitaries to the reception at the State House to mark the National Day celebration.

The gates of the Unity Palace will be open as from 4 pm for the state protocol to Welcome guests till 6:30pm.

The reception is scheduled to end at 8:30 pm with a fireworks display.

Practical Modalities

The recommended attire for gentlemen for ceremony at the 20th May boulevard and at the Unity Palace is Dark suit or traditional ceremonial while ladies should put on Skirt suit, formal dress or traditional ceremonial.

Mobile phones will not be allowed at the 20th May Boulevard and within the premises of the Unity Palace, the release from the Civil Cabinet specifies.

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