Prices of Basic Commodities: Households Appreciate Decrease, Ask for More

Agathe went to the market over the weekend and came back with 1.5 litres of palm oil, after planning to buy just one litre. She explains that she bought 1.5 litres because the price of palm oil has dropped from 1900 CFAF to 1500 CFAF.

Just like Agathe, Reine is one of those happy with the drop in some prices in the market. “A litre of the vegetable oil I used to buy increased from 1200 CFAF to 1700 CFAF, but today the price is at 1500 CFAF which is considerably better.”

Accordingly, many households across Cameroon are happy with the drops in prices.

“I bought my washing soap for 350 CFAF instead of 400 CFAF,” Agathe continues.

In markets across Cameroon, onions and pepper especially are considerably cheaper with 100 CFAF affording one many onions or much pepper.

This has made many people happy as these two products including vegetable and palm oil, are part of the basic items used to cook meals across the country.

In spite of this drop in prices, households demand more.

“Sugar in cubes is still at 1000 CFAF, up from 800 CFAF. That is considerably high for us,” laments Gina, a Mother of three.

Others explain how even with the drop in some prices, they still cannot afford to buy in bulk and save for rainy days since the cost of living, according to them is high.

With the various opinions sampled, it is clear Cameroonian households are considerably fairing better with the drop in the prices of basic commodities.

Yet, like Oliver Twist, they sure want more…even just a bit of more.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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