Regional News: Turnout for GCE Examinations Increases in Some Crisis Areas

The progressive return to normalcy in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon has been attributed to the increase in the numbers of candidates sitting the 2023 edition of the General Certificate of Examination, GCE.
The written phase of the Exams kicked off in all ten regions on May 30, without any hitches reported.

South West: Smooth Kickoff GCE Exams

Examinations organized by the GCE board have effectively began in the South West in total calm and serenity. Some fourty two thousand and Fourteen candidates began sitting the exams in the region.

North West: 27000 candidates begin GCE Exams

Centres hosting the 2023 session of the GCE examinations in the North West Region have received over twenty thousand candidates as from 7 am this morning Tuesday May 30, 2023, for the written part of the Ordinary and Advanced levels.

Information from the supervisory officials has it that just a few absences have been registered and there’s been no alarming incident at the various campuses.

Bui Division Witnesses Increased GCE Turnout

For the first time in years, Bui Division in the North West Region has witnessed a significant increase in the number of candidates writing this year’s GCE examination.

The Divisional Delegate of Secondary Education for the area, Baijong Ezikiel has revealed that 1,260 students up from 750 last year, are writing the 2023 exams. It is a sign of progressive return to normalcy in the crisis-hit division.

West: Some Absences in GCE Exam Centres

About 15 thousand candidates began sitting the GCE Ordinary and Advanced levels in centres across the West region.
The exams kicked off with Economics paper one for the ordinary level and Economics paper one and Geology for the Advanced level. Just a few absences were recorded in some centers.

North: Start of the written phase of 2023 GCE exams

More than 1,500 candidates have started with the written phase of the GCE Advance and Ordinary Level in the North Region.
In the various exams sub-centers in Garoua, the North Regional Delegate of secondary education and officials of the Cameroon GCE Board in the region ensured that, the exams kicked off hitch free.

GCE Exams kick off in the Littoral

The 2023 session of the written phase of the Ordinary and Advanced levels General Certificates of Education, GCE have effectively kicked off in the Littoral region. First papers of day one of the exams went on hitch free.

Nicknames attributed to some teachers

Some inhabitants of the city of Douala are reminiscing on the nicknames they gave to their teachers back in their secondary school days.

While some nicknamed their teachers due to their outfits, others gave names because of the way the teachers punished them or for a variety of reasons.

CPDM: Tributes to Lamido of Tibati

A delegation of the Central Committee of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement have paid a condolence visit to the lamidat of Tibati following the death of the lamido, His Majesty El Haj Hamidou Mohaman Bello on May 12, 2023.

The Central Committee delegation, led by former Minister Aboubakar Sarki, conveyed the condoleance message to the loved ones of the departed lamido as well as hand a financial assistance to the bereaved family on behalf of the Central Committee of the ruling CPDM.

Littoral: Import Substitution in Cameroon

Economists say country has the potential to transform both animal and plant based products for exportation.

Consequently, the practice of import substitution can go a long way to improve the economic development of Cameroon.

Lekie filles crowned Champions in the Women Football

Three playing days to the end of the season, Lekie football Filles has been crowned Cameroon Champions in the women top flight league dubbed the Guinness Super.

The team is first on ranking with 50 points. Created in 2018, the team has thus risen to the top of the league for the first time. The efforts of the players and technical team has been saluted through the journey of a thousand miles that started with a bold step.

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