Parliament: Government Makes Strides to Expand Air Transport

The government of Cameroon seeks to improve transport cooperation with Algeria in order to boost not only the economic prowess of its airlines but also foster tourism. 

In this light, a bill to authorize the President of the Republic to ratify the Air Transport Services Agreement between the Republic of Cameroon and the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, signed in Yaounde on February 24, 2021 has been proposed to parliament. 

The Minister of Transport Jean Ernest Massena Ngale Bibehe and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mbella Mbella defended the bill this Monday, June 12, 2023 before members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly. 

Specifics of the Bill

This agreement establishes air transport services between the respective territories of Algeria and Cameroon. 

If ratified, each party shall apply the provisions to the scheduled flights, charter flights and all cargo flight services of the air carriers designated by the other party.

This legal instrument governs on a reciprocal basis, matters relating to granting of rights, designation and authorization of air transport, operation of approved services, civil aviation safety and security, user charges, customs duties and taxes and programme approval.

The agreement is fully in line with the policy of liberalization of air transport services and diversification of Cameroon’s partners. 

Benefits of the Bill 

Minister Bibehe states that the bill fosters rapprochement between the peoples of both States, strengthens their trade ties and promotes tourism.

The ratification of this agreement will offer new opportunities to the airlines of both states. 

Cameroon’s national carrier, CAMAIR-CO, which will make use of it, could thus expand its services in North Africa and make the most of the heavy traffic flow between this region and Central Africa.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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