Regional New Roundup : North West Regional Assembly receives Fon of Bambalang

The Fon of Bambalang, President of the North West House of Chiefs, Fon Kevin Yakum Shumintang II has been freed from captivity after 18 months of being held hostage by separatist fighters in the North West region. He was freed following a military raid in the Bui Division where he had been held hostage.

Shortly after his release, Fon Kevin Yakum Shumintang was received at the Northwest Regional Assembly.

Speaking to the jubilant crowd that had come to welcome him, the President of the House of Chiefs described his abduction as a price he has paid for peace to return to the region. He also requested that his freedom brings about a turn around in the 6-year socio-political crisis.

Fon Kevin Yakum Shumintang II has been in captivity for 18 months.

Authorities in Littoral Assess Security Challenges

Officials of the Littoral Region have  met in Edea to assess the administrative and security challenges for the first semester of 2023.

The Governor of the Littoral Region, Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua used the occasion to remind citizens of the region to promote harmony in order to wipe out the recent spread of hate speech.

Among the challenges in the region discussed by the officials is the degrading road network.

Population of Momo Division implored to corporate with defence and security forces

The General Coordinator of the Rapid Intervention Battalion in Cameroon has implored the Population of Momo Division of the North West to lend defense intelligence to the defense and security forces in order to completely stop rising acts of kidnappings and the burying of locally made explosive devices by armed secessionist fighters.

Colonel Francois Peléné made the declaration in Mbengwi chief town of Momo Division while inaugurating the command post of the 322nd light intervention unit of the BIR. He described civilian military relations as vital in the the fight against terrorism in the locality.

Thousands of Displaced Persons in Boko Haram-threatened zones to benefit from a project .

Refugees, IDPs and their host communities in Boko Haram affected Divisions will benefit from a project that will improve their access to health, education and income-generating activities.

The Project initiated by the Cameroon Baptist convention, Health Services dubbed “Building Resilience of Vulnerable Persons” was launched on Thursday June 1 by the Secretary General of the Far North Governor’s Office, Diyen Jam Lawrence.

New BIR Units inaugurated in MANYU

The populations of Eyumojock and Bachuo Akagbe in Manyu Division of the South West region are in total glee with the inauguration of command posts of Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR, in their localities.

The Headquarters of the 622nd Light Intervention Unit and the 62nd Group of the BIR were officially opened by the General Coordinator of the BIR, Colonel PELENE François.

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