Regional News Updates; Arabe Chuoa Promotes Peace and Garoua Expresses Gratitude for New Mayor


Arabe Chuoa community promotes peace

This maiden Arabe Chuoa cultural festival aimed at promoting the values of peace has  held in Maroua. 

It was attended by some dignitaries including Governor MIDJIYAWA BAKARI and CHOUA ARAB communities from over four countries. 

The participants have also undertaken  to propagate government’s campaign against hate speech and promote education, especially that of the girl child. 

The festival takes place at a time when peaceful cohabitation with other citizens has been identified as an invaluable weapon to promote peace.

Colonel Hamad Kalkaba Malboum leads efforts to solve Road and Agricultural problems in the Far North.

An elite of the Far North, Colonel Hamad Kalkaba Malboum, has led a Delegation made up of Giant and Innovative South African Construction and Agricultural  companies to help improve the  development of the Region. 

The Companies have plans of investing in the Region in order to make its rural roads accessibile, and farm yields.

The Delegation was received by Far North Governor Midjiyawa Bakari who said he was impressed with their plans.

Garoua denizens organise a sports walk to thank Paul Biya for New City Mayor

Youths in the North Region have organized a  sports walk to thank the Head of State for the election of the new mayor of Garoua, Goura Beladji. 

The youths also addressed a motion of support to the Head of State. It was handed to the Governor of the North Region, Jean Abate Edi’i. 

Littoral: Abandonment of Refrigerated Containers at the RTC Raises Concerns

Some 625 refrigerated  containers belonging to a major importer of fishery products in Cameroon is at the centre of a misunderstanding between the importer and the Container Terminal Management body, RTC at the Ports Authority of Douala. 

This is because  some of the containers had damaged fishery products which could be detrimental to the health of consumers. 

While the port  is demanding that the containers be cleared off, the importer on his part, wants the containers be inspected first. 

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