ASMAC :“No form of indiscipline will be tolerated henceforth.”

The Director of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, (ASMAC)  has said discipline will be the watchword in the institution next academic year.

Prof. François Marc Modzom told  staff of the institution during a pedagogic meeting to prepare for  the new school year at the institution.

The Advanced School of Mass Communication has a population of over 1500 students. Prof. François Marc Modzom says a good number of students are notorious for cutting classes, yet always present for end of course examinations “with the complicity of teachers.”

During the pedagogic meeting, the Director called on  staff members to met out commensurate sanctions to recalcitrant students.

“ Do not hesitate to sanction indisciplined students. Sanctions will include dismissal from school for those guilty of intolerable offenses. An indisciplined student will become a mediocre professional. And that is what stains the image of our school.”

Prof. François Marc Modzom also cautioned   teachers against indiscipline, absenteeism, and  all forms of misconduct. 

“ I also prescribe an evaluation of every teacher at the end of the academic year. Even if the results are not made public, they will serve for the evaluation of performance of teachers,” the Director said. 

Visibility of the School

Another issue of interest to the Professor is  the need to improve communication. He says the institution’s communication is far below standards.

“ASMAC is a school of communication, but  does not communicate. Our institution does not communicate well within and without. We have to make our school more visible and active on all communication platforms.“

“Let’s come out of our comfort zones and join the current competition in communication.We have the means to win,” Prof. François Marc Modzom said.

Relocation to Soa

The Advanced School of Mass Communication is under the tutelage of the University of Yaounde ll, but lodged in the University of Yaounde 1 premises in Ngoa Ekele. The institution was constructed for a capacity of 300 students at its inception.  It has outgrown its infrastructural capacity and, now serves over 1500 students in the current campus. To meet the growing demands for accommodation of the institution, the Director says ASMAC will be relocated to its permanent campus in the University of Soa.

“ASMAC has to move to its new campus in Soa as soon as possible. We have to start working on the construction, and equipping of the campus.”

Among other reforms in the Director’s plan of action is cooperation with the African Institute of Computer Science (IAI) and exchange programs with other communication schools abroad.

Kathy Neba Sina

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