Catholic Couples Meet to Discuss Sanctity of Marriage

Married couples of the Roman Catholic Church in Cameroon who belong to the Teams of Our Lady movement will be meeting in Yaounde, from August 23 to 26, 2023 for the inaugural National Grand Reunion of the movement in Cameroon.

The four-day encounter has as theme, “Vocation of the Christian Couple”.

The teammates will be coming together for three major reasons:

– To enable the Cameroon members meet and get to know each other.

– To share knowledge from the Universal Church and Church in Cameroon on the sacredness of marriage and family life.

– Make known the purpose of the Founder of the Teams of Our Lady, Father Henri Caffarel.

The event is therefore forum for the couples to share their experiences and receive counselling from the experts present.

On the agenda of the Grand Reunion are conferences, testimonies, teachings, meditations, and prayer sessions.

Topics like dowry, fidelity, fertility, adoption and cohabitation, amongst others will be discussing during different sessions.

About the Couples’ Movement, Teams of Our Lady

Teams of Our Lady is an international lay movement in the Catholic Church designed to enrich marriage spirituality and make good marriages better.

Teams develop methods of increasing and improving prayer life amongst couples, enabling them grow closer to God and each other. This in turn overflows into their families.

The Teams movement is brainchild of a Parish Priest in France, Father Henri Caffarel in 1938.

The movement started off as the “Caffarel Group” on February 25, 1939 and was later renamed, “Teams of Our Lady”.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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