Parliament: Late Senator Mireille Adare Paid Tribute

Senators and the staff of the Senate have paid tribute to the late Senator Mireille Adare this Thursday August 3, 2023 in a ceremony at the Yaoundé Conference Centre. 

The senator passed away on June 22, 2023 after a protracted illness. 

At 49 years, she was voted for the first time as senator of the third legislative period in the last senatorial election of March 12, 2023. 

The senator from the East region had barely exercised her role in office before being grabbed away by death. 

She only had the chance to take part in the session as of right where she wore her accoutrements and slumped before the ceremony ended and was rushed for medical attention. 

Since then her health took a downward spiral until her death on June 22, 2023. 

Senators took turns this Thursday August 3, to honour a colleague they knew very little of considering she had not serve alongside them since voted into office. 

They however attested to her calm and respectful demeanor which spoke volumes of her character. 

Senate Vice President, Armande Din Bell was inconsolable while reading the house’s eulogy. 

She described the deceased as a young, courageous and ambitious. 

Mireille Adare was member of the Committee on Cultural Affairs at the senate who unfortunately did not share her rich ideas on Decentralization which she was highly commended for. 

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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